ShiftrS Kick

I did a workshop in Eagle last year and i thought i needed to get some more practise. So i decided to take one of my favorite devices in my studio, the MI SideKick as a starting point and make some changes.
I managed to route everything but i don’t really know if the design makes some sense and that it will actually work.

Changes to original sidekick…

No pushbuttons (they changed in Gate inputs for the Envelops)
No LFO to audio
No Micro patch panel
Extra LFO routed to resonance but with switch to route it to filter or VCA
2 Gate inputs (based on my original sidekick mod, so should work)

I also wanted to have some space for volume in and out pots (linked to filter board by jumpers) but i couldn’t really squeeze them in I might give it another try. I should also have put the LFO’s on the left and the Envelops in the right would have made routing much easier.

Maybe someone would like to take a look at it to see if it makes some sense. And maybe i’ll even make some boards of it after i learned to make gerbers.

ShiftrS Kick v001 (110.3 KB)


in the schematic it looks like something is not right with the connection of the ic1b feedback cap on lfo1.

the cap is supposed to go to the inverting input and the non inverting input to vcc/2, right?

[edit:] on your picture of the layout it looks good to me though

Oh i see what you mean… That’s just some messy part in the schematics. Some crossing wires that are not actually connected.
I reversed the working of the original LFO frequency pots because they worked backwards on the original.

I would love some pcb of this once it has been revised and debugged by someone with way more knowledge than me…

I think this will be the final version…
I added some space for mods and extra switches.
Now let’s try to make some gerbers…

Am i right in thinking that if i add Letters on the pads layer they will come out as tinned copper letters?

Yeuh! My first professionally made PCB design :smiley:
And I somehow made the component values disappear… :frowning:
With extra special ugly mod area’s…

Well this is turning out in the best learning experience :slight_smile:

I mixed up an inverting and non inverting input on the opamp for the resonance. That was easily fixed. But there are still some things not right. I’m quite sure the switch i added on the extra LFO for destination selection is messing everything up by connecting things that should not be connected…

You’re guilty of stealing my brain cycles on something that I wanted to die 2 years ago!

The CV mixing circuit on the right side of the schematics (IC6 / IC3) had been carefully designed to mix 3 sources referenced at Vcc / 2. I remember it was a bit of a pain to get it right.

You’ll get DC offsets problems out of it if you send more sources in. Have you built the circuit on breadboard before having the board made?

I thought your brain cycles were cc-by-sa? ;)…
I’m guilty of just sending files to China without checking everything first…
And to be honest also without understanding completely how the circuit works. But I’m learning a lot thanks to this enterprise. Albeit it’s the reverse of the proper way of learning things.

I guess al would have been easier with a -5V source available on the control board?

> I guess al would have been easier with a -5V source available on the control board?

Yes, summing and offsetting circuits are much easier to understand when everything is referenced at 0V. That’s one of the reasons why I dislike this thing so much. It’s not intuitive, and difficult to mod.

Ah i read it now also on the original sidekick page :slight_smile: … Thanks for all the teachings! I really couldn’t have imagined where getting that first Shruthi about 3 years ago all would lead me :smiley:

I think i’ve find a nice way to solve it all.

I just leave out the dp3t switch and just connect the 3th LFO directly to the extra resonance mixer.
And also make an extra connection from the 3th LFO comparator to the switching input of the gate triggers for the Envelops. This way i can also use the envelope’s as shapeable LFO’s when not using a trigger input.
This still leaves me a total of 5 different modulations going on at the same time resulting in lot’s of movement. :slight_smile:

This thing turned out an excellent birdcall and frog synthesizer :smiley:

Getting somewhere… The Yellow Magic is also an interesting filter to use with a S (ide)hiftrS Kick. If you take the delay IC out it just works like a normal filter board. With the delay IC in it a screaming hell of feedback which can actually be just what you are looking for sometimes.

cool, now that I have a PCB I need to find a filter board to put on it… hmm,

Does this link to the BOM work?
[EDIT it did but not like i wanted, now it’s down there]


Pro tip: Use your browser “porn mode” (command + shift + N on Chrome for Mac) to check if a URL is visible by people who are not logged in any service.

Ok great tip… Never new my browser had this mode :-0
But it still does open in the edit mode how do you get your BOMs to just show as a document.

File -> “Publish to the web”. Then you can get a read-only link.

So this should be the link to the BOM, thanks Olivier for learning me even more!
The Bom is derived from the original SideKick Bom so some part numbers may be old… I’ll try to update them.

This is what it looks like now… It’s a great little box. But was especially great as a learning enterprise. But i would find it a waste if the remaining PCB’s never get build.

So I have three more PCB’s to give away… as in free beer.
One is reserved for @Varthdader if he wants. So that leaves 2.

There are a full rules though. You are not allowed a board if your PCB backlog is as big or bigger than mine. And you must also know that there is some errors in the PCB and be able to do a hack to make it work… I’ll explain the modifications you have to do here.