Shelves Hum?

With all controls at 12 o’clock my shelves is silent .Any setting left or right of 12 o’clock on the gain pots produces an audible hum from Shelves.This is without any module feeding into shelves.I have Shelves mounted in a PGH Cell 90 case and until tonight have not noticed this.It is mounted next to my Clouds module on one side and my Circuit Abbey Unify mixer and expander on the other side.Thoughts ?, suggestions

I know this sucks, but can you try unplugging other modules in the row?

Yep i will give that a try and get back to you .thank you :slight_smile:

Ok i took modules out 1 x 1 and moved Shelves to the first module in the rack away from the mixer and shifted my oscillators in this rack(Tides(Sheep mode) and Mangroves from above the power supply.The hum is diminished but the parametric mid bands when set to full gain give a slight hiss )from a low hiss to high hiss dependent on there frequency setting.I guess I’m just wanting to dismiss any problem with Shelves
Richard :slight_smile:

Tested again just now .Still a buzzy hum just as before .Should i try putting Shelves in one of my PGH Move cases to see if its an issue with the Cell 90 case .No other modules buzz in the Cell 90 case ?

Ok i shifted Shelves into my PGH Move case and problem solved no hum .Still don’t understand why this is so but happy issue is solved .
Cheers Risome