Still production?

You mean the face plate? the firmware can be installed at any time on a Tides module.

ah, okay, thank you :slight_smile: I was on modular grid and found the Sheep module, I did not know it was pretty much the same as Tides…

So if the firmware can be upload to Tides to make it into a Sheep, can MI do that from factory? Secondly, are the faceplates still available?

> are the faceplates still available?

they are not even listed in the shop anymore, so apparently, no.

I don’t plan to do a new run of faceplates - absolutely no incentive for me to do that (small profit, cannot automate shipping, “I damaged my original faceplate while disassembling it can you sell me a new one pleasssse”, and more generally I plan to get rid of the online shop/direct sales which are too time-consuming for me).

As for making Sheep “factory-side”, we started to set this up and we ran into a few annoying roadblocks that made it not worth it at all.

ooooo, so now there’s some ultra-rare collector’s items out there. :smiley:

Maybe someone could do a faceplate sticker? :slight_smile: or a thin plastic sheet, using the 4 screws to keep it in place.

I think I’ll give the stick on faceplate and hacked firmware a miss thanks :smiley: I will find something else to go in my planned rack.

Um, the Sheep firmware was hacked by the same person who wrote the official Tides firmware…

And I think grayscale is going to do (or already has done) a Sheep faceplate. You can’t give up so easily - this is modular! I haven’t tried out the Sheep firmware yet, but I’m thinking about doing it soon.

@BennelongBicyclist I don’t want to buy any eurorack synth I can’t just plug in and use however good the firmware is, I do not have the know-how to load it.

cold_fashioned, the videos of the unit I have seen, were great It is fun building stuff and making things work, but I am really terrible at anything soldering/software/firmware related, like really, really terrible at it)

Installing the Sheep firmware on Tides is very similar to, and no more difficult, than the procedure shown in the first minute of this video showing an update of Braids firmware.

@adam: to crossgrade (or update) tides/sheep (or any other m.i. module) firmware, all you have to do is press a button while powering up the module and then play back a .wav audio file into one of its inputs. no expertise whatsoever required. just look it up in the manual under ‘firmware update procedure’ (or some such).

[edit:] oh, and you don’t really need a sticker or alternate faceplate to use sheep. many buttons and i/o retain their original function, and those that don’t are remapped in a very logical way that’s easy to guess/get used to.

but if course, those few sheep modules with the ultra-rare original mi sheep faceplate sound much better than the rest. :wink: