> the sub-oscillator doesn’t retrigger upon receiving a signal at Trigger input. Is it planned behavior?

Good catch! I will fix this :slight_smile:

> what for? why output the same signal, just with an offsett and a different amplitude?

Simple explanation: wavetable interpolation is done with generous oversampling to make it sound relatively nice at high frequencies. So there’s not enough CPU to do something different on the two channels. Best I could do would be a low-fi version of the bipolar channel.

This cries out for a cloudy Tides-and-Sheep cover version:

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here is a random selection of five short clips i recorded while playing with sheep over the holidays. all audio is sheep, sequenced and modulated by microbrute, tides in pll mode and doepfer a148. no external filters or effects.

i think this is a very versatile little oscillator with a nice and rubbery sound. and i haven’t even done anything the clock input and sub osc an 1bit outputs yet!

looking forward to seeing those faceplates.
(and yes, if it would be possible to add pll mode to this one, too, that would be fantastic)

Some news on the inclusion of the PLL/sync features of the original Tides:

  • In terms of code size, it “costs” 3 waves, so the third bank will be “completed” by garbage from flash (code interpreted as data).
  • In terms of CPU speed… I don’t know! I’ll benchmark this tomorrow. The 4x oversampling and the morphing is already quite costly!

Outside of PLL mode, the CLOCK input will still switch banks.

@pichenettes, million thanks for Your work again!

Is it necessary for the bank to be completed with digital garbage?
Last three waveforms in all Waldorf Microwaves’ wavetables are always triangle, square and saw and you often have to adjust modulation carefully to avoid sudden jumps in otherwise smooth wavetable scanning. Maybe it would be better to omit garbage completely for more musical results?

On the other hand, to get the best of Sheep/Tides, You would make accurate modulation of the parameters anyway…

@pichenettes: hmm, now that’s what i call a challenge: code so elegantly, that it sounds beautiful even when interpreted as wavetable data. :slight_smile:

> Is it necessary for the bank to be completed with digital garbage?

Another option is to downsize all banks. Yuck.

> Another option is to downsize all banks. Yuck.

noooooo, first bank is too awesome to be downsized. Second too iirc

As someone who enjoys the glitch waveforms one can get when sending a wavetable position outside of the proper range on the ESQ, I think that the code at the end of the wave bank could be a very interesting tool.

I’ve added the PLL mode. Also fixed the sub phase reset bug.

Not 100% happy about this, because it can cause buffer underruns (audio glitches) in some situations (medium range, fast signal on CLOCK). Not sure if it’ll stick, so enjoy while it lasts…

I’ve been really getting into sheep, it’s a great present to all of us! Only thing I would dearly love is that the sub output followed the level, but other than that it’s nigh on perfect.

Here’s a wee sample of it being mangled with a wmd synchrodyne clocking it and maths. Then into an Erbe verb.

Now I have my peaks and have a week in the French countryside I expect it will be getting some serious abuse then too! Can’t wait to see the hand luggage security guy’s faces bringing a case of eurorack through. Normally my carry on of cameras and lenses has them in fits.

Thanks again for this wonderful addition Olivier.

> Only thing I would dearly love is that the sub

The sub output is digital (GPIO going to a level-shifting transistor circuit). You can’t get a free DAC channel with a firmware upgrade :slight_smile:

oh well :slight_smile:

I saw the facebook update that you’ve rolled a new version of sheep up. Where can we pick this one up? Is it the main link on the master sheep page on the site?

just hit pull on the cvpal too … worked out that my new work will be supplying a mac, so all the windows issues go off into the distance :smiley:

Here is the file

I can’t believe the b-stocks of Tides have not sold out yet, especially with the new firmware. It is a crazy good deal. I love having two of these.

but they are sold out!
i was about to buy one earlier today, but no luck…

Yeah you are right. Sorry about that. I saw the b-stock price and incorrectly assumed they were still available.

yups, i made the same error.
but i guess it’s just as well. i should have some other priorities financially atm, than buying a third tides…

I just got my Bstock – OLiver what do Astock look like? I think you may have shipped me astock becuase there is NOTHING at all I can see wrong with this module…
IM fighting my way NOT to grab another