Shades & Peaks wrap-up

I plan to send the “go” signal tomorrow.

If there has been anything wrong with your Peaks or Shades unit (bought in january or february), please let me know right now!

everything in good order here!

But i must admit that i only tested very conventional uses. ‘Hidden modes’ are very good, but tap-LFOs and envelopes are better (for me, now). I was happy to find out that Peaks also works as ENV and LFO simultaneously (i was expecting i can only use it as either lfo or env, not one each).
Good luck with production, really hope to see them in the shop soon!

Working as expected for me too. Though I wouldn’t say no to a longer release time for the envelope on Peaks. Happy production!

peakspeakspeakspeaks! What’s the lead time? I thought I was going to avoid the modular bug in 2014, but alas, I’m slowly gathering components for a case. Peaks is one must-have module for me, so this is exciting news! (and potentially poverty-inducing, haha)

The lead time is always, alas, a random number.

What’s not random is the urge to get all Mutable modules. I’m halfway.

You can’t get them all as new ones will keep appearing :slight_smile:

Well, time and money are the only two commodities on hand so… :slight_smile:

Damn Pokemons, you hafta get them all. I was hoping to play catch up, but new ones keep popping up just like some game of whack-a-mole. Love it!

Well the modules do come with some collectable figures, gotta catch them all :slight_smile:

Any idea of when Peaks is going to be available?

… and just to clarify it once more: Peaks would work as a dual ADSR or a dual LFO or a drum-module (plus even more)? If so, this is just what I want right now.

> Any idea of when Peaks is going to be available?

Original batch ordered in september: probably MIA.

New batch reordered in march: 24 pieces delivered this week, the rest before the end of july unless I am not satisfied with the quality of the 24 pieces.

> Peaks would work as a dual ADSR or a dual LFO or a drum-module

Yes. You can even mix and match functions (ADSR on channel 1 and drums on channel 2) - but then you lose the “1 knob per function” control, and it’s more like using a Shruthi without visual feedback.

Awesome. Are those 24 already sold? :wink:

Nope, maybe if you want to queue for these, we can start here! Send me a private message with your email address and write a +1 here…


Tried to send you a message but got an error-message back. I’ll try again later.

that will go quick I think (already have one, so I’ll let those 24 go to other people … but i am still contemplating getting another from in the next batch. Very useful to build up a small system with ADSR and LFO).

How much?
+1 subject to price and solvency :wink:



Price: 179€ (149.12€ ex VAT). Private message with your email address so that I can contact you please!