Shades issue? (stumped)

I was using Shades in the following configuration.

Input 1 Audio
Input2 Audio Output2 to mixer
Input 3 Nothing Output3 to Linear CV on Dixie

This was working fine for me and has been for months

Unfortunately I got to a gig last night and it appears that the number2 input/output has died or something.

Whether I set it to 5/+5v or 0-5v it won’t output a cv the summing of the audio from one down to two had stopped

Is there a way to reset the module? (I believe it’s all analog so I suspect not)

But I’m baffled how this just happened randomly with no config change after months of running fine.

Any tips?

The module is analog, so you can’t blame it on a software issue :slight_smile:

Send it back to me for repair - maybe channel 2’s switch broke.