Shades and frames clipping - resolved -

hi everyone

I’m a bit confused because I never noticed this before but both shades and frames are clipping when I put too much signal in them. the audio sources are clouds L and R outputs (e350 and mangrove into clouds) and three sisters in self oscillation.

I guess it’s seems normal to all of you but I’m so used to have all of the pots turned full CW without noticing any clipping or distortion. I thought it was build this way.

Am I tripping or is it just an headroom situation ?

so I can answer to myself about this specific situation. it was the little bass amp pre-amp who wasn’t handling the hot signal that well. using shades to attenuate it a bit did the trick.

I was confused because it didn’t occurred before on this little bass amp.

I’m still interested on some headroom theory about shades and frames mixing abilities if anyone want to share.

in the mean time, happy new year every one

edit: changed the title - feel free to erase the thread if desire

I generally operate on a “as it comes out of the module” or ~60% of max output policy.

I very rarely need particularly loud output, so I prefer to stick on the lower side of things, making sure that nothing clips on the way. Not that there’s a lot of clipping going on, but my audio interface is thankful anyway :wink: