Shades (1) scratchy pots

Hi, my shades (original version) pots are beginning to show their age, is there a trick to cleaning them or is it best to replace them and if so what part number is it?

The scratchiness is most likely from oxidation of the contacts. Deoxit spray has worked for me in the past. Something like D5S-6

Thanks for the reply Grant.

I have deoxit but the issue is these pots are sealed units, there’s no easy way into the offending area. I’ve tried just squirting deoxit on one of these kind of parts before in a vain attempt to fix the issue but all that happened is it dissolved the grease on the shaft and I ended up with a wobbly, scratchy pot.

Get the B10K - D shaft - Alpha Vertical 9mm Potentiometer one. They are fairly easy to replace, but you’ll need a solder sucker pump and soldering iron.