SH-1, 4PM and noise on opened VCA

Hi, I just got the Coolaudio V2164D and was able to finish my 4pm filter board. Now I think I have an issue with the noise when the VCA is opened, maybe that’s normal, but I think it’s quite a lot.
What I do is set the oscilators to none and turn on the jam mode. When it starts “playing” than the noise starts and is definitelly shaped by the filter. I probed 1st pole and it’s already there, so this might be something earlier?
I’m attaching the sound files of that noise, one is with filter completelly opened, another one with filter closed. Additionally some FFT analysis, what I’m getting there and photo of PCB. When the filter is completelly down, you can also hear some ground buzz, I assume that I have some bad solder somewhere, what would be the procedure of searching for that place?

Are you using an Oled or LCD display?
Oled displays generate a lot of high pitched noise.

Can you post a recording in which you have, on the first half, the two oscillators set to “saw” or “square”, and on the other half, “none”. Without that, I can’t tell how low it is compared to the normal signal level.

Using LCD display. The comparison with square wave is under this link:
Recorded with RME UCX + 10 dB gain on input. Without this gain I’m reading ~-44 dB on RME TotalMix meter.

I’ve probed also the OSC output from the control board and it’s as noisy as output from the filter.

Ok, my bad, seems that display is an OLED one :confused: I’ll try standard LCD when I also cope with damage I’ve made desoldering the one I have right now :confused: