Sexy pots for my Shruthi XT

Firstly, I’ve been googling sexy knobs on google and soon realised the error of my ways.

So having searched here I’ve found a lot of technical information and a lot of it from way back.

I’m trying to make the pots on my XT bigger and better. The BOM leads me to as being the generic part to use. However, I was trying to do some colour coding of the different areas of my Shruthi - green knobs for filter, red knobs for envelope etc. The coloured knobs I bought are smaller (thinner) than the ones that I originally had and their line points at 10 o’clock when fully counter clockwise, rather than the original knobs which point at a more logical 7’ o’clock.

So simple question first, can anyone point me to some more sexy pots for my XT which will fit and align correctly. Or failing that, can anybody give me some advice on what I need to be searching for spec wise to save me making another substandard purchase :slight_smile:

They don’t have to be colour coded, maybe metallic, something a little less plasticky. It’s going to be a cheap Xmas so I’ll just upgrade my existing hardware rather than buy new stuff :slight_smile:

thanks in advance

Ian (in the UK)

Most D-shaft DIY knobs/potentiometers are 180D - in the words of the spec you linked too. You have a 270D. The spec you linked is 180D. Did they send you the wrong type?

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No, you have educated me to the meaning of 180D and 270D - thank you ! :slight_smile:

No color options but these are great and work fine on the Shruthi XT. Discounts for larger quantities. I keep lots around for various projects. Soft silicon similar to Rogan knobs.