Setting up the Ambika/checking the sound is working

I’ve just mailed out an Ambika to a guy called David in France.
He’s having trouble getting sound out of it. It was working when it left England. I’ve had it set up the same way for ages using my Octatrack to control it.
Could someone please help me, help him set it up.
The voice lights seem to be flashing but he is getting no sound from his soundcard.
I’m gunna run through the manual when I can get to a computer, but in the meantime any help would be massively appreciated.

Hi there, thx for your help :slight_smile:

Listen through the soundcard’s headphone or monitor-out to determine if it is receiving a signal. Listen through the Ambika mono-out as well as the individual voice-out ports.

Hi Jon, I’ve tried every Ambika outs with different cables, headphones etc. and no sound … I’m on an UAD Apollo 8 + Apollo 16 and tried all ins … no sound from the Ambika. My other synth do make sound.

I wonder if something is muted on the Ambika or if there’s sthg wrong with the audio routing on the Ambika?

The Ambika receive midi message from my keyboard the voices light.

Could it be the power supply?

Well, which power supply are you using? You’ll get no sound if the +8V or -8V rails are missing.

Send a link to a photo of your power supply and we’ll know!

Still waiting to find out on the power supply (its possible I sent the wrong one)
I have also advised him to factory reset.
@pichenettes is there anything he needs to change to set the filter after a factory reset? It has 6 4P filters.

Here it is :slight_smile:

> I have also advised him to factory reset.


> Here it is :slight_smile:

You need an AC power supply.

Like this

So is that one wrong?

Yes, an AC power supply will not have a tip that can be switched between positive or negative. If you are using a DC power supply, it will not work properly.

Yes, the one he’s using is wrong. It has a DC symbol:

My fault! Sent the wrong one.

Thankyou for the help.

Ok, thank you very much everybody!
I’ll buy a power supply as mentioned on this post tomorrow and hopefully the problem will be solved :slight_smile:

Sorry about all of this David. I bet I’ll find the right one tomorrow.

No Prob ; )
At least it is not the synth that has a problem … that’s a relief :smiley: