Set tempo to external - how do you handle this?

I forget about every second time to set the tempo to external…
can this be done anyhow via midi message?

how do you all handle this?

Uploaded to all of my Shruthis. No more boring every power on tripple click-rotate-click-rotate-click 8)

Conditioned myself to set it manually whenever I fire up the Shruthi.
I was hoping for an option to save this with the global settings, but upon repeated question Olivier stated in the “firmware requests” thread that it would be too complicated:

I don’t think this will be happening for two reasons:

* If those settings are loaded automatically at startup, there’ll be a problem at the first boot because the settings will be initialized. Detecting this case/initializing those settings = more firmware bloat I can’t afford to deal with.

* You seem to want this to happen automatically in the background, this is not possible because eeprom writes take a few ms so this will cause a glitch in the audio. This will have to be user-initiated. How to show this in the interface

Another option would be to build the firmware to automatically set this to “ext” at startup.

Change this line . The second number is the BPM used when the Shruthi-1 boots. Replace 120 by 39.

very nice!

like this, I could also change the init patch to my own desires!
often thought about this possibility, but I am no programmer at all…
Afterall seems quite easy though…?!

to sum this up:

1. replace 120 by 39
2. copy all the text

then I have to put the code somewhere in, where I get my sysex out, right?
is this also easy to do?

Once you have installed the toolchain, you modify the code and type make old_syx and you get your sysex file. Installing the toolchain is the complicated part, and depends on your operating system.

You can use this to change the init patch too. stuartm has done it.

When the firmware will be very stable (ie: no change over 4 or 5 months), I’ll do the equivalent of firmware-factory for the Shruthi-1.

Ouhh, nice tip there Olivier !
I will try to implement this later today.

@Youkon: if you want, I can send you the modified firmware, just gimme a shout !

YAY! thanx stuartm!

julianpeuker ät gmx punkt de

but for future, I gonna try it out on my own
perhaps, we can have a call about this one day, stuartm?

Actually, I needed to change it to 35.
39 gives me the “/8” tempo, but I found out anyway (I’m using v0.95 from … last week?)

I’ve uploaded the modded firmware to Sendspace, as other might be interested too (and I don’t want to send out dedicated mails / PMs each time).
Olivier: that ok for you ?

so, this modified v0.95 firmware will start up with the BPM set to ext
(use at your own risk - this is not an official Mutable Instruments firmware :wink: )

On another note:
For my personal firmware mod, I’ve also changed the Sequencer mode to “SEQUENCER_MODE_RPS”, it starts up ready for sequence fun.
My Shruthi-1 is now perfect :slight_smile:

You’re right, I forgot about the several external sync division modes.

No problem for posting modded firmware.

great, stuartm!
gonna try out tomorrow…

Thanks from another mbseq user! =)
It’s VERY actual!

it’ a dream!

one thing less to think about

:smiley: pleasure !

I agree with Olivier that getting the toolchain running is the most tricky part for unexperienced users (include myself here !), especially on Win.
A few tips for doing a firmware build on a win machine can be found here:

It’s generally useful if you got some programming experience / programmer’s thinking, simply to understand what the code is doing, the synthax and where to find stuff etc.
But it’s not black magic!

I’m new here, hello. Wondering if this has been implemented in the 0.96 firmware.
Also, Where is a good place to start learning/looking at/experimenting with the build code?
Shruthi is one great synth!

Which feature are you looking for to be implemented in v0.96?

The external midi tempo.

It’s there since v0.90! What is being discussed here is an option to have the unit boot with the tempo set to “external” by default instead of 120.

if I may add my voice to the choir, I’m for ext as default value as well!