Server troubles

It looks like the server that powers the website and forums is crashing a lot.

I won’t be able to investigate much during the next 48 hours (poor internet access + some traveling), so if the website and forums are not accessible, it might be the right time to fix that fence in the garden or clear your backlog.

You mean making music ? oO

Finally some time to put together that LXR…

@fcd: time to laser those panels. pew pew. :slight_smile:

guess what im doing all night long

Woe the day there’s no Moloko or Roisin Murphy track in the playlist.

true enough - although i must admit that i fail to see the connection in this case.

Was thinking that “please bring the server back”… Sing it back, bring it back. Back to me. I don’t know what to do with myself otherwise :wink:

So, It’s true… is a real world outside there?

out where?


The cake is a lie!

What’s a world ?

You know those instances where you don’t declare virtual void()? Apparently something odd happens…

the red one!!!

You will go to the Dagobah System.

I was on Dagobah, so i does not exist any longer hrhrhr

Oh man, this is another example of why I love this forum… And yes, I’m now listening to Moloko - it’s keeping me quite sane while at work