Hi, guys, here again for a newbie question.

I’m looking for your impressions on some sequencers.

I nearly fell in love with the Stillson Hammer MK2 for the playability and also because I almost understood everything on videos !
It seems like a big Metropolis.

And there’s the Eloquencer with it’s 8cv + gates that seems to me more complicated, less funny but more complete…

Oh yes, I looked also to the Varigate 8 but don’t see any specs to adjust length for each gate.

And sometimes, I think to a Antimatter Brain Seed, an Arturia Keystep and grids !

Love to make ambient, drone, break beats and have 3 voices at this time.
Gate length is for me necessary !

Conclusion :

  • I need your help.

Thanks ! :smiley:


the Metropolis?


Yeah Metropolis seems pretty cool but only one CV and Gate, so is it frustrating ?


Arturia Beatstep Pro is what you need, I think. Use it all the time.

If you want it in your rack instead of on your desk, Orbitals is quite good (but has some drawbacks).


Erica drum sequencer?


How many tracks?

Just controlling pitch or do you want to sequence parameters?

How do you like creating variations? (switching to a new pattern, duplicating/ratcheting steps, applying random operations)?

For some answers to these questions, the Metropolis makes sense. Frustrating? Probably not because it gives direct access to all parameters, and the state of the user interface reflects the state of the module (as opposed to the Stillson Hammer, with which the position of the sliders might not reflect the actual sequence - the downside of a multi-track device).


2 tracks minimum would be great.
I love ratcheting, random and probability !
I like a lot the metropolis but would like more CV and Gates.
Correct for the Stillson and it can be confused with that.


I’ve been considering the beatstep pro for a while now, unfortunately it looks like the black version is already gone again, and I didn’t manage to snag one. I kinda refuse to use white gear, it looks dirty waaay faster :frowning:


Hey there’s a lot of BSP lovers here ! Is that so good ? :slight_smile:
At this time have an Sq1 and really not in love with it.
Are you sure that the blacks are already gone because I see it on pre order ?


The dark ones have only just been announced at Superbooth?

BSP is a bargain for the cash, it’s a lot sturdier than you’d think due to metal casing. The limitations being two tracks and one drum track.


In my opinion, it is also worth considering multiple smaller (cheaper) sequencers. Once you start combining them together, things can get really interesting.
And it could easily cost less than a Metropolis or Stillson Hammer etc.

btw, you can effectively add ratcheting to any sequencer, with a CV controllable clock multiplier. I use a Doepfer A-160-5, but there are plenty of others too.


@ Luap
Yes it’s also one of my idea combining with a Brain Seed etc.
Any suggestions for cheap sequencers and clocks ?


Super cheap: Korg SQ-01


I have it but it doesn’t really work for me.


Eurorack sequencers im currently using (All DIY, but most you can buy built too)

Razmasynth VIII, 8 step sequencer.
RYO Penta, 5 Step sequencer.
Doboz Audio Prizma, 2 X 16 step sequencer (6HP!).
Rebel Technology Stoichia, dual euclidean trigger sequencer.

All of those are inexpensive, but once combined together can be really powerful. Particularly together with the clock multiplier I mentioned, and things like Mutable Instruments Branches.

I’ll add the new Transient 8S sequencer to the rig soon too.


+1 for the Prizma. I was going to mention that.
The RYO VCSequencer is also quite nice, thought only 8-step.



Beatstep pro has reportedly clock and sync issues.
Prizma is great for the price and HP. It has what you are looking for (two tracks, probability and random). If you aren’t into DIY Maté (Doboz) can build one for you.


Maté doesn’t seem to be responding to emails at the moment.

I noticed Modularaddict in the US now seems to be selling PCB/Panel/Programmed MCU sets for the Prizma though.

It has to be said that, while it doesn’t have many parts, the ones is does use are largely titchy-tiny 0602 SMT ones, so unless you have some experience with soldering surface-mount components, I’d hesitate to recommend it as a DIY project.



The black BSP is available from third parties sometime this month, apparently.
Was just confused since the order button disappeared from arturias website.

I’ve heard about a couple of issues with it, but nobody seems able to confirm or deny any of it, or whether the newer firmwares fix it. :frowning:


The original BSP firmware had some issues (especially with MIDI), but with the latest firmware update it works just fine.