Sequencers like Stages in Max4Live

I recently tried a friend’s rack and fell in love with Stages as a step sequencer. However buying multiple Stages modules plus a case and a quantiser and a MIDI input etc. is way beyond my budget (I have no Eurorack at all).

Is there something similar to the sequencer part of Stages in M4L that anyone can recommend? I would like upto 16 sliders that can be activated by a MIDI note in the same way that Stages advances with a trigger input.

I assume the Max4Live version is just like the real Stages? Not sure if i get “activated by a MIDI note” right.

Eurorack Sequencer with Sliders i know and find interesting (iirc all of them have a quantizer built in):
Malekko Voltage Block
Intellijel Metropolis
Electro-Music Klee Sequencer
Stillson Hammer Mark 2

Each one comes with a different twist (and prize tag).

Another quite fun combo if yet potis are ok:
One or two Pressure Points + Brains + a sequential switch + quantizer (Penrose for example)

All of the above ideas will including case/power etc. land in the € 700-1,4 range.

But i guess you’re (wisely) not asking for a Eurorack solution?

What was really the fun part of playing with Stages? The sliders? Having a tactile device with a straightforward UI? Being able to change several notes on the fly?

Just stumbled across the Koma Electronik Komplex Sequencer, which actually is a standalone four (!!!) 16-step sequencer plus Quantizer and Midi interface battleship. But yeah just in the price range of going Eurorack. 1/4 of that (price/size/functions) would be it, huh? :slight_smile:

It was the sliding of the sliders to change notes that I love. Yeah, I need a software equivalent.

I like this guy