Sequencer question

Dear Oliver!
Today I’ve tried to record a sequence (first time) with my Anushri. I’ve connected my Alesis QX49, I’ve read the manual and watched the demo video.
I noticed when I pressed the REC button, the yellow LED turned on only near the DRUMS button (and not all three like on your video) I followed the manual instructions, I think my MIDI keyboard right connected, and I have no idea what i’m doing wrong. Do you have any tips to solve my problem? Sorry for my terrible English.
Thank you,

  • Did recording work? It might be that because of a bad solder joint or a short somewhere pressing the REC button has the same effect as pressing another button (such as the DRUMS button).
  • Do the two other LEDs work in other situations?

Thanks for the the prompt answer.
Recording doesn’t work this way - I’ll check the solder joint with the guy who made this part.
The two other LEDs work in other situations (functions too).

Dear Oliver!

So we checked all solder joint with voltmeter (I think - the guy who built my Anushri knows what he do I’m sure), there are no shorts in the system. He spent over 3 hours to check the building manuals etc. and he cannot find the problem. Ha says it could be something software or firmware problems, or something with the pre programmed parts. What can we do now, please help me…the problem is the same as written above…I can’t step into sequencer mode, cannot record it, and I’m slowly getting mad to hear the basic sequencer signal:(
Thanks a lot: Márton

Firmware doesn’t show any wear or break, so if it works on one unit (like mine) it will work on your unit. Same for flashing the chips, theres a sophisticated verification system that ensures the chip is programmed the right way, theres no room for failure.

So if it doesn’t work either your assembly is faulty or one of the components you used - its not a software or firmware problem.

If your assembly guy can’t fix it, i suggest you contact one of the trusted builders to have a look at your unit.

+1 for what fcd72 says…
Maybe we should first identify what does work to be sure you are looking at the right problem…

Can you play the Anushri normally with your midi keyboard?

Could you post some hi res pictures of both sides of both boards?

Hi Guys,
thanks for the prompt reply!
Everything else works fine, all the functions, with or without MIDI keyboard. Yes tomorrow I make some pictures and I’ll post it. Márton