Sequencer problems

I’m experiencing a problem with the sequencer (or maybe just a button). I’ve been able to sequence drums and the synth through my octatrack, but I haven’t been able to get the run/stop button to work. I re-soldered some points that could’ve been done better, but still nothing. Also, since run/stop isn’t working, there are a few things I haven’t been able to get to in the different menus, but filters, BD, SD, HH, OSCs…etc have all worked well.
is there any way to activate run/stop via MIDI?

Are you sure you haven’t set the tempo to the minimum - which would cause the unit to expect an external MIDI start/stop and clock?

If you think it’s the button, check the soldering of the button, of the resistor network RN1, and of the 74hc165 (or maybe it’s an IC pin that got bent when you inserted the IC).

Damn, you’re good! Checked around the RN1 network and re-did a few solders…PRESTO CHANGE-JO! I still haven’t gone through everything associate with the sequencer, but the drum sequences are top notch!
Thank again!