Sequencer c/v from max/msp

Ive been trying to get my braids to respond to c/v from motu my mk4

How ever it always seems to be just a note or 2 off from what the sequencer is sending it.

Has anyone else out there ran into this problem??

what do you mean by a note or 2 off? do you mean in pitch? or in time?

in pitch, For an example I created a midi lane with c3 and c4 just long sustained half notes in the max/msp device

Even when I tune the braids to ether one of the c octaves its always just a step or two off between the two.

mmmm sounds like a calibration error somewhere on the chain. does Braids correctly follow other pitch cv sources you have?

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I wish I had another source to test it, I do not have any other c/v modules at the moment :confused:

in that case, if you feel up to it, you could try calibrating Braids to match the CV Max/MSP is sending out. The calibration procedure is in this page

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Well the problem I seem to be running into is the inability to play the c3 note the closest i can get is c#3
although I can do c4. (I found calibration in the notes)

I also seem to be a at loss for over all calibration any advice on how to calibrate?

have you confirmed with a volt meter that the cv you expect on the cable is actually there? Failing a meter, do you get the results you expect with a different oscillator?

The problem might be that sending a DC voltage from software over a DC coupled audio interface is uncalibrated to begin with. Eurorack is expecting 1v/oct so generally what you need to do is either use a calibration tool that comes with some software (Silent Way or Reaktor) or just multiply (scale) the signal right before it goes to your audio interface.

Adding an offset to a CV changes the tuning. Scaling the CV changes the tracking. You want to scale the CV so you get an octave apart when you send an octave apart.

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Another thought regarding the C# problem assuming octaves are calibrated to play in tune - make sure Braids’ quantizer isn’t turned on (and/or set to any scale other than chromatic).

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On the note of reaktor, that was going to be my next step.
Im curious if their tools will produce the same results
Will the demo allow outputs other than main?