Sequencer/arp change delay

You mentioned that shruthi’s sequencer is going have some extra stuff to play with that the shruti sequencer doesn’t so maybe you already have these in mind. Anyway here are some thought about making shruthi’s sequencer better:

I may be wrong, but it seems like the cycle start and end points and the arp patterns respond instantly to the knob tweaks, if the values are change mid-sequence the changes are applied mid-sequence…which is great! It would be cool if there where also a delayed change option. So that mid-sequence tweaks are not applied until the next time step 1 loops around. So if the sequencer/arp is playing, then there is a value change and 1 second goes by, then on the next start of the cyle the change takes effect on the first step. The 1 second thing would be to allow the next value to be dialed in. Otherwise if the sequencer loops around to the start point while dialing to the next value it could pickup a value that was not the intended one.

And…how about the sequencer being able to run using the different scales and ragas? unless I’m missing something the incoming midi note data gets quantized to those scales/ragas, but the internal sequencer does not have a way to use them.

I’m really liking the shruti arp and sequencer…so fun. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for shruthi.