not able to make slides and accents with pitch bend and modulation. just get notes, plus wobbling the pitch bend makes my midipal freeze

Which synth are you sequencing?

Does it react to velocity (for accents) and has a legato+portamento mode (for slides)?

i am using my shruthixt

There’s no notion of “slide” or “accent” in the MIDI standard. The MIDIpal is just sending information that your synth needs to interpret correctly. Most 303 emulation boxes know how to do it, but it’s certainly not a standard.

On the Shruthi:

  • Use a patch in which velocity is mapped to cutoff, or envelope modulation amount, or anything meaningful…
  • Set legato to on and portamento to a non-zero value.

yep that’s done it thanks for the help. it still freezes if i wobble the pitch bend or modulation too fast though. guess i wont do that anymore. thanks

What are the connections? Are you making a MIDI feedback-loop?

keyboard midi out into midipal, midipal midi out to shruthixt. had some problems with my p6 it was my kawai k11 keyboard sending active sensing if that helps