Sequence Editor Note Number

Is there a way to control the note number on the sequence editor by cc, nrpn, smoke signals… i usually make sequences of eight steps so will be really cool to do it with an external controller…

Try NRPN 124, 125, 126

Thanks! I was thinking it will be cool to get a BCR2000 to do this, also i’ve a M-Audio Oxygen8v2 with 8 knobs to test it, but first i’ve to figure out how NRPN works…

For this kind of step sequencer i like to twist notes with knobs, to insert note by note i prefer the Anushri-style sequencer.

Ah I see… I thought you wanted to edit the number of notes in the sequence.

Then to edit the note data itself, this is NRPN 144 to 160 for the sequence 1 ; NRPN 160 to 176 for the sequence 2 ; and NRPN 176 to 208 for the note sequence.

There are 2 values in the note sequence:

  • NRPN 176, 178, 180, 182… are the note value. Values 0 to 127 for a note with no gate ; Value 128 to 255 for a note with gate.
  • NRPN 177, 179, 181, 183… are the velocities. Values 0 to 127 when there is no legato ; value 128 to 255 for legato.

I’m still waiting for details about using smoke signals


1. Finish Ambika
2. Understand how NRPN works
3. Smoke signals

I’m sorry but i need some help on using the NRPN.

the oxygen requires decimal values to be entered and i’m reading some tutorials on hex values that confuse me.

can someone enlighten how should i get the correct NRPN LSB and MSB to assign the first step note value (NRPN 176 i guess) to a knob please?

I still wait in hope for the day when you can go into sequencer mode and just use the 8 potis and buttons to control the sequence (one poti/button per step)

i really don’t know how to assign the NRPN to the oxygen and can’t find a place that explain it in a simple way…

On Oxygen knob 1 i set Control Assign to 135 (NRPN Fine) 1 to NRPN MSB (Data 3) and 32 to NRPN LSB and it change the first note on the sequence, but also change the velocity directly and mute the note. don’t ask my why i put these values because i suppose missread something.

maybe i will wait the weekend to have more time…