Sequence change over MIDI

Is it possible to change sequence program during performance using MIDI?
I mean, if I send program-change message over MIDI to my Shruthi, then patch is changed - it does not matter if the “sequence load/save” page is currently selected, always the patch is changed. I’ve searched the user manual and its MIDI implementation and not found if it is possible to do that.
The intention is in try to play melody using two different sequences which I’m transposing and alternating between them in real time. I tried to do this using the knob and it’s ok, but not so comfortable for realtime performance (gently step by one sequence program up, then step by one down etc.).
Thanks for reply!

Its not possible and it isnt a good idea as the ATMega in the Shruhti will probaly produce some akward glitches while trying to render your Oscillators AND loading the Sequence from the EEPRom as quick as possible…

You should consider using an external hardware Sequencer for this, our fellow Shruthizens™ will quikcly join the conversation and do some recommendations (dont trust me - i only have one Sequencer…)

It should be spelled Cequencer…

now that you say this…


You should wait for my Midibox blm imo =P

Yeah, that looks really nice. :slight_smile:

Teh BLM and all the other trimmings of the v4, plus the OSC capabilities coupled with a nice wlan bridge and some Lemur/iPad action is a good thing™

It will offer some gnarly features, hopefully that will inspire the Cqncr guys, which will inspire TK/the MIDIbox gang etc.

I don’t really care about OSC and wlan as long as it has cherry buttons. :wink: Just kidding, maybe a v4 would be a nice addition…

I think the OSC addition is exciting and worthwhile - the V4 in itself is hands on a physical, then you can use OSC and Lemur to treat it like a virtual instrument too. But yeah - Cherry switches are nice. Since the v4 is open sauce an enterprising builder could remix the control surface PCB to use Cherry hardware and other fancy additions.

Then again, on the other side - the big C looks like sex on a stick and there’s no building or component saucing required. Just lots of keesh.

V4 is so overkill. A V4l is so much easier and cheaper to build.
Look at what the OP is planning to do with it.

There was no V4L when I got and built my V4 :slight_smile:

That’s my suggestion anyhow. And you dont even omit the OSC.

The v4L is like a star destroyer. Us types who likes the rather dark side, really bad asthma, helmets and a dark cape “need” the full super star destroyer class of hardware.

But yeah - start smaller. It makes sense to figure out your needs as you gain some experience before you go all in.


so the Bic C is the Death Stark MK2 of Sequencers compared to the V4 ??!

Connect Big C and V4 to play each other for a USS Enterprise MK-infinite.

It might melt a hole in out reality…

Maybe just go play Ingress and forget about sequencers altogether. Still a better place to invest this megalomania in o.O

@fcd72: True!

But it would be a Hole with damn tight timing…

@fcd72: I bet the music it generates with all those aux and force to scale would make Mozart cry with envy.