Senior electronics

I am getting old and my Eyes apparently with me. I am too vain to wear glasses so o pledge for wider spaced Parts. 3,81mm would be great or even better 5,08mm. Like these Books with big letters and shallow story for Seniors…

This, frank, was one of the deciding factors for NOT going Eurorack, but MU instead. I’ll need as much space as possible when the Essential Tremors starts to kick in.

Oh yes ! Frank, start doing MU now, then please send all your old useless DOEPFER compatible to junk to my address ! :slight_smile:

indeed i don’t like these flimsy 3.5mm jacks - but since its electrical compatible i can always do a 5HE Unit with real 6,3mm jacks for myself :wink:

There isn’t much . . . Anushri, Exfilinator Protos and (TADAAAAA!) a Multiple :wink:

since this thread is somewhat about modulars:
same situation as frank here (baugruppenträger it there, but not so much to put inside so far.)

any hints where to find schematics for a simple eurorack LM13700 dual or quad vca?
so far i only found a really fancy one on muff that uses THAT ics and a PCB for a LM13700 one but without public schematics.
i am ok with perfboarding, but i need schematics.
i bet it is simple to mod the smr4 vca for +/-12v but i don’t know how.

my plan is to get some stuff. the liquid hihat looks cool, but i will need a vca (and ENVs) to use that.

probably i’ll have to read into the whole muff forum some more.

I do not recommend the LM13700 as a VCA. I happen to use it as a VCA on most my designs just because I am using the other half for waveshapping/soft-limiting duties (having it in the resonance path is my way of getting smooth self-oscillation) - but there are better options with less noise/distortion.

You’ll find interesting dual circuits with switchable lin/log response using a SSM2164 and the Irwin linearization trick.

cool. that looks promissing.
thanks a lot oliviere!

take a look at muffs, there’s a roland CA3080 VCA, M100 series i think dual VCA pcb. look for frequencycentral.

Also, take a look at the designs from Fonik, and Thomas Henry at the Electro-music. That, and Muffs, should give you some fodder for thought.

thanks for all those hints guys.