Sending Love to Paris

I just wanted to drop a line here to my man @pichenettes to say I am sending you love vibes and hope you and your loved ones are safe amidst all this terrible violence in your fair city.

Same here… can’t find any words for it. More Love


We’re fine. Sad times…

Yes. Love to Paris and all of you that live in this fantastic city

+1 for that. Sad times, indeed.


So sad :frowning:

Thanks all. Sad times indeed, personally I think it’ll drive me into even more art, music and creation in general…

love and solidarity from me, too.
we mustn’t allow ourselves to get affected too much by that barbarism.

+1 stay strong!

Glad you’re ok Olivier. Stay strong.

Yes, more love to Paris here.

News like this are even more shocking when you have friends living in the affected city… so far everybody seems to be safe, which is great, and still doesn’t make the tragedy less so… so lots of love and solidarity from me as well!

<3 <3 <3

Olivier posted this excerpt from a comic by Joann Sfar (who worked extensively with Lewis Trondheim, whose work is the source of Olivier’s adopted screen name) to the Mutables Facebook page:

(Those who love. Those who love life. In the end, they always win.)

thoughts with you all

Paris vaincra