Selling my vintage CS-30 to get a modular good idea?

Just wanted to ask your opinion about what the title says. As for mono synths, i own a CS-30, Mono/Poly and Novation Bass Station 2.
Interrested in getting a modular for me and i have been looking for a Doepfer a-100 basic system.
i would have to sell a synth or two to get the cash for the system, so i have thought to sell my CS-30 of all the mono synths (probably a CZ-3000 too and some other shit). Most of you will probably say that i should handpick the modules and suff, but since i’m a total modular noob, i think it would be the cheapest option to get the a-100 system, get familiar with the thing and then look for updates… but then again a CS-30 is a fairly complicated monosynth (almost semimodular) and you don’t see those around every corner. would i just end up with a modular that would end up to be a less complicted basic monosynth setup that just happens to be modular.

1) yes you should get a modular because it offers incredible possibilities your vintage gear can’t come near. I myself sold a ton of gear to fund mine and i don’t regret it one bit.

2) getting an A-100 system makes sense, but when you inevitably expand, I imagine it is difficult to sell the ones you don’t want out of it because they’ll be the same ones everyone else doesn’t want. You’re honestly better off spending the same amount of money on a less modules you pick (after researching and asking questions) that have multiple functions and roles within your system and force you to really think about how to get the patch you want rather than have it laid out for you.

The A-100 basic system is indeed a good choice if you are looking for a modular system to replace a deep mono-synth. Except that it is a really bad idea to buy a modular for this sole purpose. Modular synths are crappy at doing what you would be doing with, say, a Shruthi. They won’t sound better and will take longer to setup…

Do you know anybody who owns a modular and who could give you a demo so that you can understand better your needs?

Modular is the ultimate really. A synth is only as good as the sum of its sound producing and modifying parts, if there’s a weak point in a synth you’re stuck with it.

You can also build up a modular rack gradually. With a synth you have to buy it outright in one lump.

Obviously polyphony, multitimbrality are what you lose over a MIDI module.

Ill take the Mono/Poly if you are in the EU :wink:

That one i’ll keep!

So would I :slight_smile:

back to the topic. the idea is to make my whole studio a bit smaller and more effective.
already sold a crumar bit one and got me an ambika. smaller and more effective.
since the cs-30 is almost semi-modular i was thinking of selling it to get me a modular system as a creative tool. then again i love the filters of the cs, and that’s what i mainly use it for, filtering other instruments with it. my midified mono/poly is something i will never sell! i had a shruthi-1 too but i sold it when i got the ambika. i have been thinking of getting another shruthi, but then again a single voice of ambika is quite close to the sound of a shruthi (but not quite). then there is the cz-3000, d-50+pg1000, matrix-1000, dx21 ect…

i don’t know what i’m trying to say. maybe i’m a bit bored with my setup and just would like to have less stuff that would do more, and just take the most out of that. not sure what to do.

Yeah this isn’t about efficiency …

The least efficient part in my setup is the modular… but its the most inspirational an most educational.

more of a size/usefulness/overlap thing

I’m going down that road as it’s a sort of “build your own synth” approach.

Buying a non-modular synth is like buying an all-in-one Hifi unit. It has multiple parts and you can’t swap them.

A modular is a separates system, if you know what you’re after then you can buy the best from each brand.

Obviously concepts like “presets” and patch storage are out, but you just have to adjust your work flow to suit?

‘Modular’ does not necessarily mean ‘sounds better’!

Before selling my CS-30 I would listen carefully to the modular I intend to sell my CS-30 for…

What Georges ^ said…

I would try out a system if you can before taking such a plunge. I personally am somewhat of the mind that nothing is irreplaceable, but a CS-30 would be harder than some other things to replace.

In the vein of what Pichenettes said, I wouldn’t do it just to have a kookier monosynth, so I personally wouldn’t want a plain Doepfer system. But, if you do want to switch things up and get some new sounds (and totally different ways to interact with those sounds) a modern Eurorack is hard to beat, in my opinion, but for me much of that appeal is from some of the newer digital modules such as Mutable Instruments, Make Noise, and some of the other really imaginative folks (not to say anything negative about Doepfer for what they do make). You know the CS-30 sounds good at what it does, but if you want the ability to have some fun surprises, unpredictability (when you want it), and to learn new things, modular systems can really do that well.

My personal advice would be to build up your own system. You don’t really get too much of a deal for buying a premade system, and if you’ve been around synths long enough you can probably at least get your feet (quite) wet with just a 4-6 modules, especially if you have something that can control them already and extra especially if you do any sampling and manipulating of those sounds, and then expand with the rest of your CS-30 nest egg when you see what your system needs to fill your wants. Just a Braids and some modulation will turn your brain inside out, if you want it to. Or play a very nice CS-style saw wave :slight_smile: And even the inside-out-brain patches can be as musical as you want. A modular which appeals to me would have very little in common with a CS-30 besides some similar functional sections, so it depends on how much you wanna mix things up from what you’re used to.

But, as has been mentioned, don’t expect it to be efficient in a traditional sense of “workflow,” whatever that means. Modulars are best for playing, not working :slight_smile: I am still figuring out how to functionally fit mine into actually making music, but I think my modular’s role is becoming a standalone instrument capable of making unique, serendipitous, difficult to reproduce musical loops, samples, and such, along with a backup role of brain-rearranger and weird external input processor.

^funny because it’s true!

Back in the day when STS built pre-assembled full Serge systems they had the blue, red and gold fun stations. Fun stations, because work stations were deemed too serious.

I think that one of the main criteria for crc is a lack of room, and i personally doubt that a proper modular system would be any smaller than a monosynth, even loaded with a big keyboard like the cs30.

Do not sell your CS-30 if you like its sound, like Georges, mmarsh, joshuagoran and Jojjelito said, it will be rather difficult to replace that unique sound of your CS-30.
I only have one module and do not plan to buy more in the near future, that is Braids as an oscillator feeding any of my old vintage synths with “external in”. My Braids has its own box+panel and is 100-240V AC compatible, just as an example given.

P.S.: Modules I would buy additionally: more Braids.

@MusicCircus Funny. I’ve actually been thinking of doing something similar. :slight_smile:


That’s actually incredible. Are you the modular Budda? Just one module under the Bodhi tree?

But like the Buddha, one day you’ll be rewarded by the universe for your sacrifice, and you’ll be cramming your face with bowls of rice.
(Everyone prefers the Buddha belly anyway)