Selling advice? Help

Just wondered if you guys could give me some advice. Had some interest in a x0xb0x I have for sale. I put it on a FB group and someone in Croatia is interested.
What is the best way to sell to someone who cant be vouched for? So I dont get bitten in the ass.


Croatian buyer = A Rarity Bounce = Aura Boner City
Those don’t sound too trustworthy to me.
Via Internet Anagram Server

If you get a Paypal payment upfront, there really shouldn’t be an issue. You can make sure the money is in your account before you ever send it - even withdraw it and make it real money in your hand just to be safe. Just remember, you will never see this synth again. Whooo~ scary ghost noise.

Ask for money in advance and post a picture with today’s newpaper and the x0xb0x as your gesture of good will. If the buyer is serious this should suffice, also exchange addresses etc. I don’t know if there’s some kind of escrow service one could use otherwise, maybe something exists?

Edit: I’d be scared shitless if I tried to pull something, my real name isn’t common and so far I have a spotless record in my dealings. The people who get named and shamed on the AH list, Muffwiggler and GS are burned so it wouldn’t make sense to bluff unless it was a Mini/Memorymoog, Jupiter 8, CS-80 or such. There’s always Vemia for those kind of deals…

Can any of you even point me in the direction of people who are properly in the know?

Ive only done buying off Muffwigglers with people who have a good record. Or expensive stuff on ebay when I can pick it up.

I’d just wait it out, honestly. Your gut reaction here is that something isn’t right. If he won’t pay upfront and trust you to send it then why should you trust him to buy it?

Naaa nothing has come up as not right. I’m just being precocious. I’m the kind of person who likes to deal in cash and shake hands on it. Unless they have been recommended, like on here.

To be honest, i only deal beyond 300 bucks from face to face. Only sophisticated online shops are ruled out here…

The real issue is shipping. I have had too many “accidental” damages during shipping. I find that dealing with other musicians/sound people is best because they know how to pack. Shipping damage angers me to no end as it puts both parties out time and money. The shipper never seems to realize what they’ve done wrong either.

Long story short, are you comfortable shipping that far away? Dealing local is best due to the lack of shipping involved.