Seller Feedback

Sorry if there’s already a thread for this; I couldn’t find one. If so please direct me there!

Just wanted to say I bought an enclosure from bleo and he communicated well, shipped it fast, packed it nice w/ all requisite parts, and even threw in a pack of gummies.

A+, classy fella, would buy again!

Hehe! I didn’t actually throw in the pack of gummies, I just passed them along: they’re part of the kit when you order from fcd72 and just as important as the hardware :wink:

Passing on the good feedback:

I purchased a digital fx/dsp board from Obviousless. He communicated well, shipped quickly. Booya.

I’d buy anything from Oootini or rosch.


Oh yeah, I think it goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway: fcd72 is the bomb. I ordered a case from him and it was getting lasered within minutes!

Ill do my very best but sometimes it fits just in…

+10^100 for fcd72 and Mutable official of course :smiley:

thanks fcd72, same goes for you!
also Luap and toneburst have been very helpful in ordering foreign parts, thanks guys!
other than that i’d also buy anything from Olivier and dnigrin (if i’m not as broke, that’s why i have no polivoks board yet)

fcd72 is my favourite person for buying things from. And selling things to. And sharing parts orders with. And exchanging photos of family members playing with synth gear.

@rosch no problem!


Oliver kicks ass. Bricked my shruthi-1, send a replacement avr super fast!