Self production of Mutable Panels

Hi there, just wondering if the artwork/files for the eurorack panels for Sheep and Anushri are available? I would like to get them produced (probably by Schaeffer AG Ihr Experte für Frontplatten und Gehäuse) even if it’s expensive so I can complete my collection of Mutable Modules - appologies if this has been touched on in other sections of the site - couldn’t find anything.

Many thanks.

They’re both on github (Adobe illustrator files - easy to convert to whatever you like - I usually use fr4 or aluminium pcbs as panels for cost and generate the design files in Eagle)

Nice one, thanks! Do you (or anyone) know the panel/metal/material used for the Mutable Panels so I could spec it? Intellijel appears to use the same material - thanks, D

They’re aluminium, 2mm maybe (not sure of the thickness, to be honest).
Assuming you’re talking about the original MI panels, of course…


I have a few original MI modules - but no idea on thickness or specs of the aluminium !

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From what I understood, Intellijel switched to the same manufacturer and process :smiley:

The thickness is 2mm, the process is color metalphoto.


If you are going for a 1:1 ish look i would deffintly be interested in a sheep panel;)


Thanks Émilie / all, I’ll look into it…