Seeking advice for Mutable rack


Tons of fun so far. The sounds coming straight out of Rings and Braids are so inspirational already, before even getting started with all the modulations and processing. Trying to take it one module at a time with manuals for now…lots and lots to learn.

Haha, for sure. Already had 3 and 4 hour zone out sessions that seemed much shorter.

On a side note…the guy said he is pretty sure my used Braids and Clouds have alternate firmwares loaded, but not sure which ones. I did a little digging there and am debating trying to load the defaults so I can learn “pure” before trying a bunch of extras. I also read some stuff about calibration. I haven’t checked tuning yet, but if these weren’t calibrated properly after whoever loaded firmware…would it be very obvious with them sounding bad?


would it be very obvious with them sounding bad?

Depends on your definition of “bad”. There won’t be horrible distortion, but it’ll be out of tune when you send a sequence to the V/Oct input.


Very true…bad is very subjective.

I have two different midi modules and the quantizer, so I should probably check them first, before the tracking on the rest.


post some vids or tracks if you don’t mind sharing! looks like a fun setup for sure.

is that the 7U 104hp stealth black Intellijel case?


Yep, that is the case, very happy with it.

Here is a noodle from last night
Just exploring sounds at this point, need to do some heavy learning of composition and songwriting.
I was hopping around some major and minor scales in it though, quantizers are awesome!

Having a blast so far.


I’m a little jealous. I have been trying to find one of those cases for about 2 months. The whole set up looks amazing and I look forward to any more noodles you like to share.


I got lucky and scored a floor/demo unit from Three Wave, nobody has them in stock. I also picked up the gig bag from Intellijel. Shipping was expensive, but it is good quality with a big outer pocket and shoulder strap/handles.

Thank you, will do.


Sounds perfect for gigging!


Yep, it travels nicely. Already took it out to three jams with other folks. Some went better than others, ha…I need to get better at using all this…probably have no business trying live at the moment, but it is the best way to learn!


I think fake it til you make it is a perfectly reasonable approach