Seeking a Case For Original Anushri

I recently picked up a used Anushri, assembled and working perfectly, but with no case. I ordered a case from Modular Addict, only to find that it doesn’t fit. Specifically, the patch panel did not line up properly with the case. Further searching has only lead me to builders who are designing cases to fit their own custom boards, which will not fit this little historical relic.

I’m wondering if anyone out there knows of a source for one of these cases, has one lying around, or has other revolutionary ideas. This is a 2012 Rev 3 board, with the rectangular buttons. Any help is much appreciated.

That’s odd. I wasn’t aware there were different Anushri control layouts.

Maybe there aren’t. The Modular Addict case is technically supposed to be compatible with the Anushri, but was designed for the Skookum Anookum synth, which is a derivative of the Anushri. And other builders I’ve talked to have made their own modifications to the original design.

I haven’t ruled out the possibility that this Anushri I have was simply built “wrong” so that it’s going to be misaligned with any pre-made cases, and that I’ll have to get (gasp) creative in order to get it into some sort of protective shell.

The Anookum uses different parts compared to the original Anushri (eg buttons) and there may be other minor changes as well that makes a difference for a case. I actually contacted Adrian to get a metal case specifically for Anookum.

You can find the Anookum details at


Ah, that explains it.

The Anushri panel design is easy to find online. If you upload it to or simply use the designer taking the measurements off of your board, you can get a great panel for a skiff or box easily. I have done this before for some of my old analog desktop synths. Did Modular Addict take a return on the Skookum skiff?