Searching Logarithmic pot for Sidekick


I’m desperatly trying to finish a Sidekick … since 2 month !
I was wondering if someone has in stock 6 logarithmic Pot’s
(R3, R4, R13, R14, R34, R35) … Mouser can send them for 20 euros ! …

I’m ok to pay a reasonable price for the delivery (but not 20 bucks …)
Even better … if you live near Bruxelles ! :slight_smile:

Nice parts, 8€ for shipping cost (France)

Thanks Nico … but I’m searching precise Pot which suits on the Shruti PCB ->
Mouser 688-RK09D113F25C0A

In fact these Pots can be fixed on the PCB

Thanks for your help

Any “9mm snap in” pot will work…