Searchin' for a front panel

i’m a very happy possessor of this huge little yellow box but without front panel. i’ afraid to go out with, for jam or concert
and if I have not built a frontpanel whith all the specs i pick up on this site it 's only due to my laziness or lack of competence.
so, if you have ( who knows…) an Anushri front panel ( eurorack or standalone) to sell, please contact me.
i need some spacers too, i find few in a store in paris, but it miss the 4 on top… : (, if someone have a links to order this spacers & screws, you welcome, thanks)

ragas mode ( what a gift for me when i discover this mode ) :

octon ( atmospheric & geometric music for nothing)

You can buy a complete metal/wood case from Adrian. Maybe he is sellling also only panels.


@cj55 does Adrian do Anushri panels? I thought they had to be obtained directly from MI (but not anymore, as Olivier no longer sells them).


The Anushri panel from MI was a grey panel in the style of other MI eurorack panels.
The pictures of the black panel and case are from Adrian. He posted them at muff wiggler not long ago.

Ah ok.


thanks for this info ! the magpie panel looks great . unfortunely, it’ too late & to far for me for adrian panel ( thanks for remind to always check muff…)
i found some spacer at banzai but i’n not a specialist, i think that is correct :

for the enclosure, i dream to make a box with some woods i’ve buyed for making “lutherie”, in fact a ebony fingerboard for guitar… black metal magpie panel and ebony side :slight_smile:

i pass order for black panel from magpie (37 euros :). thanks a lot.

Yes this spacer is correct.
If you need I could send you just the skiff and you can make the wood yourself.