Search function on website not working (solved)

Hello there, can anyone tell me if they are having trouble with the search function on the website? it was working fine for me on Friday but now it will not return any results no matter what the search word is. I have tried it in Google Chrome and Explorer. If there is a solution I would be very interested.

Same here

Search on the forum has always been troublesome… I have more luck searching the forum with Google

Same problem for me. Totally nonfunctional for me

hmm, ditto here as well. It’s probably the reason I keep asking questions that have already been answered

i always thought it was a beginning dementia :wink:

strange though - it seemed to be working fine for me last week… any help from the site administrators?

Obviously i have dementia, too, what was the reason i am here???!

Didn’t work for me when I was searching for fcd72’s email. Google results gave me an old email that was a Daniels domain. You use a gmail though, correct?

I would cut off my arm before i use some direct PRISM upload…