Sdiy uk

I will be attending SDIY UK and will have with me a sample of each of my machines.

Excellent news!

Sadly I can’t be there, but please say hello to my friend and synth-expert-extraordinaire Paul Nagle, who is almost bound to be there :wink:

He seems to have won something a SDIY UK in 2011 - here he is on the SDIY site:


And there will be 2 Shruthi-1 kits to win :slight_smile: Maybe he’ll be lucky too this year :slight_smile:

Maybe you should give him a kit for free? As I understand he writes for Sound on sound. :slight_smile:

Yes, Paul Nagle has been on every synth mailing list I’ve ever joined. Wavestation (IIRC), Prophecy and I remember him getting a Waldorf Pulse when they came out.

Why always so faraway?

tb323: Maybe you should give him a kit for free? As I understand he writes for Sound on sound. :)

I’m not sure he knows one end of a soldering iron from the other, so that probably wouldn’t help :wink:


@yewtreemagic: Maybe a supplementary electronics book for beginners as well then. :wink:

@ Why always so far away?
let’s start doing more local meeting then. if it happens here, i’ll take care of the Schwenker:

yeah, i would be totaly up to a german SDIY meeting ;D

@rosch: is that you on the right, with that patriotic make-up on your cheek? :slight_smile:

no, fortunately not me, but it could be any neighbour. also the food choice isn’t exactly how it would look like, but other than that the arrangement is very realistic.

this is more accurate, although it doesn’t show mergues (the only massive french influence here, directly at the border):

and of course:

I may drop in, as Cambridge isn’t too far away :slight_smile: It would be cool to check out the new goodies in person.
I can bring a Shruthi or 5 also, if it’s any use.

@rosch: I counting on you to organize a synth-barbecue in you area! Would be a totally innovative idea btw! :slight_smile:

Cambridge is not too far from me, but The Missus is expected to eject a baby in the next week or so, so it’s probably bad timing to go swanning off to a Synth DIY event :frowning: Maybe next year…

Any video of this event?

Why are all the cool synth meet ups on the wrong side of the pond (from my location, that is)?


There’s Trash Audio here in Chicago. They just had a synth meet. I missed it though.

Old thread, but still waiting for Rosch to organize a gathering =P
I could offer rooms with lotsa space for bbq in Hamburg!
I already asked Flip to come over with his band and some circuit bent goodies. Eventually he might; could aswell expand that into a bigger event.
All thats really needed is interest and some presentations. And a cook (Rosch). And whatever else you think is needed for sdiy. We got almost all the tools you could ask for, including 3d printing and laser cutting.
I, for example, could present the BLM, soon as its ready :o

undeniable un-muteable performance in 2013: pichenettes in action