SDcard issue

I have an odd problem I haven’t seen before. The SD card is in and detected, but it wont read. It just shows empty patches and going between patches seems to take a long time. Stranger yet, if I take it out and put it back in several times, it will eventually read it and move between patches at a normal rate. The card is verified as well as the socket, 138, and 4040…

hmm, it does look like it doesnt like the card. I can use the card in my box and it works perfectly but not in this… I tried a different brand card and all seems well.

Dumb question: Is the “lock” slider on the SD card not set to “lock” or somewhere in between?
If it is not set to “lock”, then you may want to clean up the contacts on the back of the SD card.
Or try pushing the SD card down a bit to get better contact, just like an old floppy or cartridge.

it’s not any of those, I went as far as replacing the SD card socket and have 5 of that particular brand card, all cause the same fault in this particular box and not my reference box (or two others I built recently). Once I switch to a different brand card (4 gb instead of 128 meg) everything works fine. I’ll just file this in the weird shit folder and move on.

Interesting. The last thing I could think to check would be the formatting of the card. I would not be surprised if the 128 meg card was FAT16 instead of FAT32.