SD card questions

I am in the final stages of building the Ambika. Motherboard and voice cards are finished. I have reached the point where I am testing the SD card, but it do not seem to work as intended.

I have downloaded the files as in the builders guide, and put it on a SanDisk DS card. It contains a folder called “ambika_golden_card”, with two folders called “MULTI” and “PROGRAM”. Should the two subfolders be on the top level of the DS card, or the “ambika_golden_card” folder on top?

My Ambika do not seem to read the card. I do not get an error message, but information regarding the files are just

If I press the “send” buttin in the card menu, nothing happens.

When trying to save to the SD card, I get an I/O error message. I have of course checked all soldering and connection, and all signals to/from the SD card is as they should be.

As a final question: Is the SD card expected to be in the Ambika at all times for proper operation?

MULTI and PROGRAM should be at the top level.

> Is the SD card expected to be in the Ambika at all times for proper operation?


OK thanks.
Will try with these alternatives.

Hi all. At last I have time again to follow up on this. It still does not work. I have a 16GB SanDisk SD card (verified working), and also an older 1GB SD card from a camera (reformatted to FAT32). Both give the same “I/O card error” message. All else seems to work properly: switches, pots, encoders, LCD screen, and all power readings are correct. I have ordered a new SD card connector, and will de-solder the installed one. I have also swapped out IC3 (4050) for a new IC, but still no change. Are there any other details that I need to address?

What type of 4050 are you using? IIRC, the 4000 series were causing problems, you should be using the 74HC4050. Make sure you didnt swap positions with the 138 also

Swapped out the SD card connector today. No change. Checked the 4050, and sure enough: I have used a CD4050 from my parts bin. I have ordered a 74HC4050, and will see if that makes a difference.

CD4050 doesn’t work.

Indeed: I got a 74HC4050 chip today, and now everything works as it should. Thanks for all help.

You will have loads of fun with that Terje’ :slight_smile: