SD Card Error

My Ambika is working great, and I now have an SD card (a Lexar 4gb SDHC formatted with FAT32 and loaded with the extracted contents of the .zip file) but get the error everytime I press the S8 button.

I have checked continuity between the five SD cardholder pins and the test points on the MOBO, and those are ok.

Is this a bad choice of SD card brand? Is there any other tests I can do on the MOBO with a voltmeter?


This perhaps?

You need a 74hc4050.

Nope… 74hc4050 is the one I have :-\\


You could try a 2GB Sandisk, doesn’t need to be a fast card in terms of transfer speed, the one I have has a white label.

Or switch the synth on without the card inserted then insert it. Some SD cards aren’t quick enough.

try a different sd card, I’ve seen a couple that didnt work

i had exact the same problem that dissappeared after resoldering all joints on the sd-card slot. maybe you should also try to initialize the ambika before loading the sd-card. could be that the update was corrupted first time you tried?

Are you getting 3.3v on the 5th pin from the left of the card reader? You can also try resoldering all of the connections for the SD card reader, it can’t hurt.

I have continuity between the five test points and the five “teeth” in the SD reader, so I think my soldering is OK. Are those five the only important ones (besides being grounded)?

From left to right, the voltages at those five test points (no SD card inserted) are:
3.3v // 3.3v // 3.3v // varies from 0.3~1.0v // 0.04v

Can anyone confirm that those are normal?


Tried a SansDisk brand card, still no good.

Time to dig into schematics with the voltmeter… :stuck_out_tongue: