Screwed up right at the end!

I put the atmega in the wrong way round. I noticed my mistake, but I was unable to to pry it out as the connector legs were blocking the way. I still had enough connectors left to replace that part, so I cut off the legs and switched the atmega around (as I didn’t have any desoldering tools). Then I bought some soldering wick and desoldered the connector, but one of the legs didn’t come out properly. Basically there is a small bit of a leg stuck inside the GND circuit hole and it won’t budge. I’ve tried with solder wick and with a solder sucker, but I can’t seem to move it. I hope I haven’t broken the board heating that thing up so many times. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove it?

Heat the Pad and push thru with a Needle from a Syringe - the Solder won’t stick on the Stainless Steel. I currently desoldering LEDs from the Digital Board and freeing the GND Pads just Sucks because the GND Plane socks up all the heat even from a 60W Iron…

I get it now… Sorry.

I have had the same problem caused by soldering the connector to the wrong side of the board. Once they’re soldered in more than one place they’re very difficult to deal with.

I would try Frank’s suggestion and try to heat the leg and push it through. If you can get it out, use the solder sucker to clear the hole.

If you use a matching needle (0,8mm) there will be no solder left because theres no room for it :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions. I haven’t been able to push it through with a needle. The small leg part seems to be perfectly lodged in there and it doesn’t seem to want to heat up. I’ve tried digging into it with the needle (lots of poking) and it appears to be working somewhat, it’s definitely made a dent into it. If I continue for many hours I might be able to dig my way to the other side :smiley: If only I had put the atmega in the right way round! Oh well, live and learn.

Maybe try it this way ?

It seems you have an unlucky combination at a Pad thats connected to the Groundplan hence sucking up all the Heat. The last resort is to simply drill a 0,5mm Hole…

Success! I assembled a team of three men (myself included), one held the board in place, one heated on the other side and one pushed through with a pin… and nothing happened. Then one of the men (a guy with arms the size of tree-trunks) grabbed the board and soldering iron and turned his back. Five minutes later he turned around and the piece of leg was gone! And there was much rejoicing!

In the process a lot of the metal in the pad was lost, I hope there is still enough to form a connection.

The power test went fine! All lights blink and everything works as it should.

However, I still have a problem. I calculated wrongly and now I’m three pins short for the LCD. The things stands find with the 1x13 I now have, can I replace the three missing pins with something else? Do resistor leads work for this purpose?

Yes, it will work…