Screw instead of spacers

Hello, maybe it is a silly question, but Is it possible to use screw and bolts instead of spacers? can I make the holes wider (4mm instead of 3)?

thank you!

Which machine? For the shruthi it shouldn’t be a problem, since I don’t see anything in the immediate vicinity of the holes, but take a look at the filterboard you wish to use just to be sure…
If you have the patience to make sure that the digital control board and the filter are far enough away from each other, and ensure that the two boards NEVER touch, then you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Well noted V cent, (I am talking about Anushri (we are in the anushri section), but is also good to know about the the shruti

where us the problem with getting some spacers??? where on this plant are you located??


I wouldn’t mess with the holes. But a long M3 screw with three nuts should work just as well.


Thanks, FMI, do you know the french for spacers?


electronique-diffusion have some “entretoises” for a rather decent price. And it’s “soldes”, so maybe you can get some discount on it?