Screenprinting DIY

Sorry to hijack the thread but does anyone here DIY their screenprints ? I’m looking for ressources on the topic.

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Yep. I’ve done a bit of screenprinting.

You’ll find lots of tutorials on YouTube, plus here are some books:

The Complete Guide to Prints and Printmaking: Techniques and Materials
John Dawson

Screen Printing Today: The Basics
Andy MacDougall

Print Liberation: The Screen Printing Primer
Nick Paparone

If you’re lucky, you might have printmaking workshops in your area?

Thanks James and Yohannes. I’ve seen some tutorials on youtube but books are nice.

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I was just thinking about this too, as it happens, so will have a look at those linked resources.

Printing on metal or powder coat usually needs 2 component inks.
Marabu is the ink what is used by printers who print stuff for me.
If you need I could ask specific product codes for aluminum and powder coating.