Scratchy FM knob on Original Ripples

Hi all, I just bought my second Ripples (1st was original, second was 2020) and was super excited to have it in my rack, after some testing I realised I much preferred the original Ripples Due to the larger FM knob…

so I traded my new one for an second original version. After testing, I noticed some scratchiness in the FM Knob… how would you recommend I deal with this?



If you can’t replace it yourself, send me the module for me to change the pot.

That’s amazing! Thank you. What is the address I would need to send to?

Additionally, the version I have with the scratchy pot has a noticeable center indent, where as the other version never had that since brand new, is that something you altered over time?

Please use the contact form on the Mutable Instruments website.

Yes, the first batches of modules used pots with center detent. The problem with the center detent is that it doesn’t perfectly lock the pot at the middle position - because of mechanical backlash it can be 49% or sometimes 51%. Let me know what you prefer!