Schottky Diode vs. Rectifier

The Ambika motherboard BOM requires 3x 1N5819 Schottky diodes.
Mouser no longer stocks the original part number (, but a search for “similar” specs turns up a part that’s actually classified as a rectifer (

In a side-by-side comparison they look nearly identical to my (admittedly untrained) eye.

512-1N5819 - Schottky Diode

511-1N5819 - Schottky Rectifer

Is there a fundamental difference that will render the rectifier unusable for this build?

The material I found online seemed to indicate that the only real difference is in the application or use case.

Appreciate any insight.


Yeah should be fine, the fundamental ‘part number’ (1N5819) is the same.
I did a similar thing when sourcing parts for the Ambika I recently built.

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I run with the alternative part then…

Appreciate the steer!