I’ve been gouging pretty heavily on new age tapes the last few days and today managed to force myself over to the modular to try and fight a decent session through the newly doubled up meds that are squishing my brain and will to live.

Plaits is droning, Marbles is driving a pair of Rings, Peaks and Tides are doing various modulations along with SSF QR2, 3 Sisters and clocks from Pams. Microbrute is doing the bassline and there’s another sequence running on the SH01a.


Keep a stiff upper lip! I hope you’ll feel better over time.

Great music as always! Thanks for posting this.

@erstlaub thinking of you, hope everything you’re going through (whatever it is) will be behind you soon.
Please keep on posting music; it does you and us good.

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It’s sad that you have to go though bad times to make such beautiful music. But it doesn’t change the fact that it really is some beautiful music.

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Thank you friends, your words and thoughts mean a great deal to me.