Scala tunings

ok whats the method to send converted scala to sysex files to CU (CUSTOM) IN TS (TUNING)

cheers ive already converted to to sysex how do i inject sysex in to to yarns or am i barking up wrong tree…ive been trying to send it from send sx program(similar to midiox)

Just use your SysEx transfer program to send the .syx file to Yarns. You don’t have to do anything special. this is not a firmware update, you don’t have to put the module in firmware update mode

tried everything and never got to work…has anyone had success …at dead end with it…

Mmm yes I had success with it :slight_smile:

Which steps are you going through to send the SysEx file to the module? Which MIDI interface are you using (many cheap USB->MIDI cables do not handle SysEx well)?

using din midi cable …sent by sendsx and tried midox went TS (TUNING).CU (CUSTOM) and sent but nothing
cross checked by sending a sysex to my novation nova and was a.ok
does it have be on specific midi channel to read as parts set midi 8 and 9…
if the yarns recieves do you get any kind of indication etc …none of tunings definately dont play

SysEx are not sent on any specific channel.

The module doesn’t display any information to confirm that the data has been received.