Say hi to the peoples!

Hi peoples!

I am sorry to announce myself as a new member. Quite recently a victim of the lethal MIDIBox community, now looking for the straightest way to hell. Immutable Instruments seems to be a short cut. Count on stupid questions and random nastiness from me whenever least expected.

Living in the capital of Sweden, finished two MIDIBox SIDs as Christmas presents for myself and now having difficulties to choose which will come first of the Shruthi or the x0xb0x.

Stay warned!


yo johey, welcome to the world central of low voltage madness (formerly known as ShruthiVersum™ )

You probably have some partners in crime living next door to you…

Hi there, fellow swede! :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s time to update the map.

Added myself to map. And hi there, Swedes! =)

Welcome! Yups, it’s a staggering 8km (5mi) distance between casa Jojjelito to mr Johey. Next up: Stockholm needs more MI gear :slight_smile:

There might be some present at EMS this Wednesday to counter the assault of the Phutney DIY clones… A x0xb0x or so could also be present, there have been a few in the past, as well as Shruthis, MIDIpal and an Anushri.

Welcome aboard, yo!

Heya, I’m not the only shruthi owner in Denmark anymore ! :slight_smile:

hello Johey, welcome to the forums!

Welcome! I’m in Stockholm with a Shruthi 4PM (and soon a one-voice Ambika :slight_smile:



Thanks for not running away! Seems like being a pretty active forum, this one. I actually have met at least two shruthies down town, and risk is that we will meet again, Wednesday time. Unright, Jojjelito? :slight_smile:

Yups, Wednesday at 18:00 at EMS. I’m thinking about bringing some GM5x5x5 too. We could use it as a raffle prize. I’ll deffo take the 9090 along :smiley:

Now, in case any casual onlookers wonder: EMS is a studio complex used for electro-acoustical work, there’s also monthly DIY workshops for those of us geeks in the greater Stockholm area.

It’s settled. I’m coming, and I’m bringing my MB6582 because… Well, no reason other than I feel like it. :slight_smile: Jojjelito: I’m taking the metro from Akalla. Is there a spot from where I can hitch-hike with you?

I’ll be there with my case of Anushri, Ambika and the Yellow Magic…

Yo Johey!

If you get off at Näckrosen or Solna C I could pick you up in the much feared Citroën :slight_smile: Hectic at work, but text me and it will sort itself out. I’ll be extricated from the comings and goings at 17:00-ish. Not sure what I can bring, it’s a bit urgent at the office, gotta see if I can make it home and get some gear.