Say hello to a brand new website!


The final decision is @pichenettes

Yes, totally. But I’ll leave the coding to @jlmitch5



though we could also just add one of those “please scroll down” buttons, as on most pages that have a full-screen masthead.



Is there any way to collapse or close the pictures of modules across the top on the module pages?

I find it frustrating to have significant screen real estate essentially wasted when for instance I’m trying to read a manual.

Otherwise it looks really nice.



Thanks for the feedback!

What device are you experiencing this on? We do have some logic to make that element scroll with the page (as opposed to being sticky) for mobile devices…we could pretty easily port that logic to browsing environments with a viewport under a certain height, but I’m not sure that’d take care of your particular use case.

EDIT: also if it’s just a desktop browser let me know if your browsing at the full height of the browser or something different.



It seems that not all contents related to legacy products went to archive. At least and the wiki seem lost. BTW, the wiki is useful for modules too.

EDIT: Nevermind, found the wiki. Though the page with brief descriptions of all filters seems to be lost.



@EvilSkylark: it’s a deliberate choice. I kept all pages containing technical or reference information, not the page “advertising” the products.



I’m seeing it on the desktop (Windows 10) with both IE11 and Opera 45 (which is a Chrome variant) both with the browser maximized and also if I turn on “full screen” (F11) mode.

By the way, I love the way the picture of the module is always visible alongside the manual. :+1:



Glad to hear that! That was something I really wanted to do, so one does not have to scroll up and down all the time!



Just a tiny thing I noticed… The forum has a favicon thing, but the main website does not.



@Luap, thanks for bringing this up. What browser/browser version are you using?

I’m seeing favicons for both the forum and the website, and I can’t get the favicon on to go away with something like a cache-clear refresh…I’ll keep poking and see what I can find.



Yes, sorry, I should have said. Safari 10.1.1 on a Mac with Sierra 10.12.5
It could be something amiss at my end I suppose?



See it now!

On Safari (10.0.3, macOS 10.12.3), I don’t see a favicon for the site, but do see one for the forum:

I’ll explore what’s going on, thanks for the feedback and help!



Would you mind letting me know where you found the Wiki? I can’t seem to find it, even under the “discontinued product” page.



The old forum and wiki are here:

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I just wanted to thank everyone for all the feedback in firming up the site! We’ve pushed a few changes over the past few weeks based directly on the feedback we’ve received:

  • Removed the home page link in the nav menu for desktop-based layout.
  • Tweaked the breakpoints for the nav menu so that things wouldn’t get squished as reported.
  • Better centered the nav items in desktop-based layout.
  • Made the video header have a max-height of 70% of the viewport height.
  • Updated the module pages to make the dealers link and modulargrid links similar, as well as added a new “download panel render button” to those pages (it was sort of inconsistent as the last item in the gallery, so the rendered image has been removed there).
  • Updated favicon
  • Added the print/save as pdf button to manual pages in the archive section (used to be just on the module manual pages)

We came up with an implementation that made the sub-navigation module drawer on the module pages non-sticky for all browser widths, but after discussing, decided that based on the way the images on the left-hand side “stick” to the browser window, it looked a little awkward. Apologize that’s taking up reading space from the main content section, but it feels like the best solution for now.

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Transposing VCOs using multiple sources


is that a typo on Tides manual ? FM input (4) > should be (7) ?

D. FM input attenuverter. This knob controls the polarity and amount of frequency modulation from the FM input (4). When no patch cable is connected to this input, a 0.1V constant signal is internally switched there, causing this knob to behave like a fine frequency control.

I was looking to the manual because I was wondering if the FM input could be tracking 1V/O like my e350


Transposing VCOs using multiple sources



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Looks great



Relative to the bulk of sites that I visit I found the old MI site to be a joy. And after not being to the site for a while I jumped in here specifically to say that I love the new site. Thank you for putting as much thought into all aspects of your operation as you put into your modules. :nerd_face:

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