Say hello to a brand new forum!


Unfortunately, Vanilla does not export attachments (and Discourse does not import them). The only option is to grab your images from the forum archive and edit your posts here to include them.


I’m so sorry. But there are too many.

I have saved all my old mutable posts and you can download from my google cloud:


just saying the mobile interface on my iPhone is great.


Hi Olivier. I like the new forum. I’m sorry I missed​ the last discussion on the old forum, but this is a nice choice. I really like this dark theme.


Howdy new forum!


Aha, thanks for the Dark theme tip. Much better :thumbsup:


Any chance of an https version soon? My browser is complaining and sending login details over plain text is last century stuff.


Re. SSL, it’ll take a few more days to be enabled.


It would be nice to have some links on the top of the forum targeting the main website sections. I like the way they did it in the intellijel forum


Yeah… and maybe with a bit of styling :slight_smile: Though I’m a bit fan of 1995 html type!


with a lot of styling :smile:


As you have probably seen, we have been pretty busy with putting the new website online (and designing, coding and migrating/creating all the content before that). But yeah, a way to get back to the main website would indeed be handy!


I just read the Terms of Service (am I the first? :wink:) and noticed that there are a lot of placeholders used. For example:
company_domain, company_full_name, company_short_name and so on.


It’s probably still being worked on…


Hello new forum! May you live long and serve well!



Hi again! Great work on the new forum also on the new website! :raised_hands:


ooh - thank you Hannes. The Dark theme looks far better to my aging eyes :wink:


Hello New Forum… from a new forum member (and new MI owner !)


Excellent idea to use the Discourse platform.


Hello, new to euroland. Rings was my first mi module and I’m sure it won’t be the last :grin: