Say hello to a brand new forum!


Oh, that happened sooner than I expected…
Looks good, though.



Either Olivier or a moderator can do that for you. But probably he’s probably planning to move all those threads anyway, so just wait a bit and it will probably happen. There’s still lots that needs to be done on the forum in terms of reorganizing the old content.


If you can just send me a list of topics that needs to be moved, I’ll do it for you.


I like how you can scroll through a thread without jumping from page to page, nice ! :+1:


It looks like all the BitT and DMC threads have been re-assigned already.

This one, which anticipates the existence of the Incubator category, could also be re-assigned:

The Easter eggs have hatched: Ornaments & Crimes


Hey Ho Hello!


Nice, Discourse is great and I really appreciate the fact you managed to migrate the database from the old forum.


Wow this forum is the same as Elektron


Hello Mutables :slight_smile:


… and the same as most forums on the net lately (examples:, Tthere’s a good reason why: Discourse is really light years of everything else!


Nothing’s wrong with that :wink: just an observation. I only prefer darker background, as it’s easier on the eyes, like the old forum or the muffwigglers. But I guess I can just reduce my screen brightness.


There’s a dark theme in Discourse. Go to your user profile (click on the avatar top right, then on the little cog symbol top right, then go to “interface” and change the theme to “dark”


OMG thanks for the tip. How silly of me to not be aware of that! Cheers!


Oh, awesome! I am fond of Discourse, and I look forward to more nerdy talk about op-amps.


Quite fond of Discourse as well !


The only problem I have with it is that it hijacks the in-browser search shortcut.


It does indeed… never noticed, but I’m sure that’s something that can be tweaked, because it’s not like that on other discourse-based forums.


helloooooo new forum


Discourse is very Foucaultian:


Congratulations… Nice new forum and good new things. But… My pictures in my blog have disappeared ? Shruthi-Synthesizer and my "WAVE 1"