Say hello to a brand new forum!

Welcome to the new forum!

We’re now using Discourse, which is awesome and will fix many of the quirks of the old forum (issues with attachment/uploads, weird formatting syntax and youtube/soundcloud embedding).

If you’re signing in for the first time, you will have to reset your password.

The categories have been reorganized to better reflect Mutable Instruments’ focus on Eurorack modules.

It’s still possible to talk about Shruthi, Ambika and pals in the Discontinued Products category. It’s still severely frown upon to discuss DIY builds of the factory-made modules :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nerdy talk about op-amps, the notorious STM32F4 ADCs and oscillator code is welcome in the Tech category.

And let’s talk more about music, with a new Music category for sharing tracks or whatever is your latest jam.

The old forum has been archived to this domain, along with the old wiki. I plan to leave these online for at least 1 year, until a solution is found to scrap them.


Hello brand new forum!

Hello. Glad to be here

hi ho everybody!

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I’ll definitely visit this forum more often, now! Nice upgrade!

Hello all and new the forum! :slight_smile:

Hello! Nice looking forum. :slight_smile:

hi everyone… nice to be here!

Hi there, now here in this new platform, greetings to all!

Hello, and thanks, Olivier.

This sure is one nice upgrade!!!
Btw. I’ve taken the chance to make my username a bit more official, just so you know.

Hello new forum :slight_smile: and hello new and old members!

Great to see continuous signs of progress at MI. I now know what “PolaTD” means :slight_smile:

Awesome; good to be back!

Excellent! Finally some proper forum software that offers a burger emoji thing! :hamburger:

:hatching_chick: hey y’all!

Hello new forum! Thanks for making it happen!


HI all, new forum looks great!!!

Wow, it has a pretty slick interface! And Markdown, not Textile! Huzzah!

How does one re-assign categories for threads? I’d like to move the various threads for BitT and DMC to the Incubator category.