Saw "I Dream of Wires"- Hardcore Edition

As a prophet VS owner, for sure I’ve lusted over Xpanders and m12’s and Jup 8’s, but combined with the Polaris and the Andromeda I’ll focus on some modular lurv for a while.

I’d take the VS over an Xpander any day of the week. Not that the Xpander is at all bad, but the VS is like this perfect expensive designer drug…

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To second Jojjelito: DONT EVER GET NEAR A VS OR PLAY IT! Its worse then Crack. You instantly get addicted, far worse than modular, because it wants you to play it and actually make some music……

And yes, i had the chance to fool around a bit with an Xpander Very (very, repeat!) nice, very desirable, cool User Interface and the displays are plain sexy. But at the end of the day its all about Sound, isn’t it? So i got a VS.

Im off for today to spend the night with my you know what……

Have fun! The Vectory synth usually takes me for a spin around the whole cosmos and back before some random hunger or telephone call/text makes it possible to step away for a little while. I feel like a Spacing Guild navigator, traveling without moving…

Hihi, i have another one:

The VS runs circles around the Xpander, if you use the Vector Stick to show it the Way.

so, backing up a bit to the whole 5U is for dinosaurs: who need’s a buchla. I’m hhappy with my dotcom.

As I said, nice ergonomics :slight_smile: I wish there was more innovation in the 5U camp, or in the Serge or Buchla 4U formats. Meanwhile the Euro world is fragmented, you have to plan or the rack will look like an ugly hodge-podge.

The perfect modular should have 5U ergonomics, bananas and all the weird, quirky or boutique stuff you find in Euro. Meanwhile, there’s tons to choose from either way.

some makenoise modules are becoming available in 5U format. hopefully more will follow. the new Corsynth module is kinda neat.

I’ve played a lot of synthesizers that I don’t own, and the VS is among them. I like it as a friend.
I too would like to see more 5U modulars. I prefer the use of 1/4in cables.